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Our Mission

Funeral service is quickly becoming a commodity. On this podcast, we fight this trend by discussing ways funeral homes can show consumers more value, improve the customer experience, and increase profitability.

Successful funeral homes have a lot of moving parts. Each week, we'll look at just one of those parts and show that by elevating it, you can significantly improve the family's experience and your bottom line.

These weekly lessons will give clear examples of how to improve each part and provide key takeaways to help you grow your funeral business.


Latest Episodes

Episode 24 - The Right and WRONG way to answer the phone at your Funeral Home

Not having the right phone skills or strategy can cost a funeral home a lot of money in lost business, which often goes unnoticed. When a person calls for a price, do you give them a direct cremation price, or do you display empathy and build rapport with the person? That subtle difference can make or break your opportunity.

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Episode 23 - How to Get Hospice to Refer More Families to Your Funeral Home

Hospice organizations are involved with more deaths today than most funeral homes realize, and that number will continue to increase. This reality means that more and more families will listen to and take the hospice staff's recommendation on what funeral home to use

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Episode 22 - What to Expect at NFDA 2020 Virtual Convention

The biggest convention in funeral service is going virtual this year and we asked Anthony Kaniuk and Troy Blewett to give us an overview of the convention and what we can expect.

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Episode 21 - Should a Traditional Funeral Home Open a Low-Cost Cremation Business? – with guest John McQueen

Many funeral home owners are considering opening a discount cremation brand to defend their market share from aggressive competitors. Seems like an obvious idea, but is it the smart thing to do?

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Episode 20 - How to Protect Your Funeral Home Domain Name

One of the most important assets a funeral home owns is their domain name, and if not protected properly, it can unknowingly be at risk. A few common problems we see are the funeral homes not actually owning their domain names, or domain names expire and are lost because they weren't renewed on time...

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Episode 19 - Three Things You MUST Do To Get The Phone Ringing At Your Funeral Home

Before a consumer calls your funeral home they've likely done some research on your site, your competitor's sites and more. What they're doing is to getting their questions answered, they are arming themselves with as much information as possible...

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Episode 18 - How Adding a Blog Can Create Authority and Trust with Google and Consumers

Think of a blog like the game of Jeopardy. On that game, the answer is given and the contestant must state the question to win. A blog is similar in that you're going to write articles that are the "answer" to a person's search query before they ask.

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Episode 17 - Seven Things You Should Be Outsourcing at Your Funeral Home

Have you considered outsourcing some areas of your business like accounting, aftercare, HR, social media, digital marketing, preneed, or answering your own phone? Running a funeral home or cemetery is hard, but it can be even harder if you try to wear all the hats yourself.

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Episode 16 - Why Funeral Homes and Cemeteries Should Be Surveying their Families

If you are not surveying families after the service is over, you are missing a HUGE opportunity. Surveys aren't just about rating how pleasant your staff was, or how smoothly everything went, you probably already know that.

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Episode 15 - 5 Videos Every Funeral Home Should Have on Their Website

If a funeral home wants to convert more website visitors to customers, adding the right videos to their website is the quickest way. Videos add a lot of value, create a better experience, and help the consumer make a confident choice.

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Episode 14 - The NEW Rules on PPP Loan Forgiveness with Tim Bridgers from Live Oak Bank

There has been a lot of confusion the last two months on how funeral homes can have their Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan forgiven. On June 5, 2020, a revision was passed that changed the rules in a positive way and made it easier...

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Episode 13 - General Price Lists - The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

General Prices Lists are confusing, poorly designed, and do very little to show the value you provide to families. The FTC mandates that you have it and give it out, but there is a missed opportunity...

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Episode 12 - Should Funeral Homes Use Texting to Communicate with Families?

Do you text with the families you are serving today? Do you have a way price shoppers can text a question? Are you following up with families after the service is over with text messaging?

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Episode 11 - Part 3: Online Reviews | How To Get More Online Reviews For Your Funeral Home

Funeral directors are typically uncomfortable asking families to leave an online review, which is understandable because of the delicate nature of the service provided...

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Episode 10 - Part 2: Online Reviews | What To Do if Your Funeral Home Gets a Negative Review

If your funeral home gets a negative online review, there is a RIGHT way and a WRONG way to handle it. If you handle it the right way, you can turn a negative into a positive...

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Episode 9 - Part 1: Online Reviews | The Difference Between Winning or Losing Calls for Funeral Homes

Think about online reviews like a bunch of people standing in front of your funeral home holding up signs for people to see as they drive by. The signs declare how awesome you are or how poorly you treat customers...

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Episode 8 - Why a Well-Designed FAQ Section on Your Funeral Home Website Is Like a Free Salesperson

If a potential family in your market was faced with an at-need situation or was considering preplanning, what questions would they have? Does your funeral home website specifically answer those questions?...

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Episode 7 - Part 2: Posting Funeral Prices Online | The RIGHT Way To Do It

If you're going to post your funeral prices online, there is a right way and a not-so-right way of doing it. On this episode, we talk about the four ways to show prices online.

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Episode 6 - Part 1: Posting Funeral Prices Online | Why You Should Be Doing It!

HOT TOPIC ALERT! Funeral consumers want to see pricing online. We all know that's true, so if you're not posting your prices then your website is, by definition, not customer-centric...

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Episode 5 - Why Having E-Commerce on Your Funeral Home Website is Critical for the Future

Every funeral home website should include the ability to plan and pay for services online. On this episode we go into detail about three things.

1. Why we think it's critical for funeral homes to make that available.
2. What some concerns are from the funeral home.
3. Best practices using empathy as the designer of the experience.

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Episode 4 - Funeral Homes Should Be Applying for the Payroll Protection Program Loan Immediately

The Payroll Protection Program is part of the CARES act stimulus package designed to help prevent small businesses from laying people off during the COVID-19 crisis...

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Episode 3 - How to Let Families Know Your Funeral Home is Open During the COVID-19 Crisis

Funeral homes shouldn't assume families know they are open during this pandemic. Many families may be wondering if you're open, is it safe to come in, how can...

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Episode 2 - How To Use Zoom for Online Arrangements and Streaming Funerals Online

With a ban on gatherings due to the Coronavirus, funeral homes need a way to make arrangements over video and stream funeral services online. On this episode, Ellery and Welton discuss how Zoom works and why they think it's a good solution.

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Episode 1 - Add More Value for Families and Stand Out From Competition

Funeral homes across the country are facing more competition than ever before and many struggle with how to differentiate themselves. The result is they feel pressured to compete on price. On this podcast, the hosts show proven ways to stand out...

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