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Our Mission

Funeral service is quickly becoming a commodity. On this podcast, we fight this trend by discussing ways funeral homes can show consumers more value, improve the customer experience, and increase profitability.

Successful funeral homes have a lot of moving parts. Each week, we'll look at just one of those parts and show that by elevating it, you can significantly improve the family's experience and your bottom line.

These weekly "lessons" will give clear examples of how to improve each part and provide key takeaways to help you grow your funeral business.


Behind the Mics

Ellery Bowker


Ellery Bowker is the founder and CEO of, the leader in helping busy funeral homes and cemeteries stay in touch and support families after the service is over. helps over 1000 funeral homes build stronger relationships and create customer loyalty.

Ellery started his career in funeral service in 2005 when he founded Directors Advantage, a technology and marketing firm that helped funeral homes across the U.S. and Canada to create an online presence while leveraging technology to reach new families. His experience has led him to speaking at state and national conventions as well as being a regular contributor to many of the trade publications in the funeral business. He has served on many committees and industry groups focused on collectively helping independent funeral homes be successful.

Elevating Funeral Service was born out of Ellery's desire to help funeral homes stop the trend toward commodization by adding more value for families.

Welton Hong


Welton Hong is the founder and CEO of Ring Ring Marketing, a full-service online marketing firm recognized as a leader in educating the funeral industry on cutting-edge techniques to increase at-need and preneed calls.

He is also the author of Making Your Phone Ring with Internet Marketing for Funeral Homes, 2019 Edition, and a contributing writer to industry publications including NFDA's The Director, Kates-Boylston's American Funeral Director, ICCFA Magazine, CANA's The Cremationist, and Nomis's Funeral Home & Cemetery News.

Additionally, he is an in-demand speaker who presents CE-accredited educational seminars at numerous industry events throughout the year, including the NFDA and ICCFA annual conventions.

Welton has a graduate degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Colorado at Boulder. Prior to founding RRM, he was a senior technologist at R&D facilities for Intel, Sun Microsystems, and Oracle.