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How to Add More Value and Stand Out from Competition

Funeral homes across the country are facing more competition than ever before and many struggle with how to differentiate themselves. The result is they feel pressured to compete on price. On this podcast, the hosts show proven ways to stand out from the competition by adding more value for families and improving the customer experience.

Show Notes & Resources

  • Ellery and Welton introduce listeners to the Elevating Funeral Service podcast and how it can help funeral homes avoid becoming a commodity (0:33)
  • Observations on challenges currently facing funeral homes (3:30)
  • Welton explains his background as a "nerdy, geeky engineer from Silicon Valley" and how he became passionate about helping small business owners (8:19)
  • Ellery talks about how he got started working with the deathcare industry and the ways firms can improve aspects of their business one step at a time (13:07)
  • The plan to provide highly specific lessons each week on the EFS podcast and brief previews of aspects they'll be addressing (19:23)
  • Closing discussion and a request for feedback and ideas from listeners (25:02)