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Part 2: Online Reviews | What To Do if Your Funeral Home Gets a Negative Review

If your funeral home gets a negative online review, there is a RIGHT way and a WRONG way to handle it. If you handle it the right way, you can turn a negative into a positive. If you handle it the wrong way, you will amplify the problem. On this episode you will learn.

1.) The first thing you must do if you get a negative review
2.) How to publicly respond to the person who left the review
3.) How to get fake reviews removed


Show Notes & Resources

  • When you receive a negative review, stay calm and collect yourself, then put yourself in the shoes of the reviewer (2:56)
  • Contact the reviewer ASAP and try to "repair the damage" offline (5:51)
  • If you can't resolve the issue online, leave a very professional public comment; don't start a flame war (9:47)
  • What to do when a competitor [or someone else] leaves a "fake" or otherwise illegitimate review (13:11)
  • If you're getting numerous legitimate negative reviews, it's time to closely examine where you're falling short (16:52)
  • Claim your listings and pay attention to automated alerts that let you know whenever you get a negative review (18:26)
  • Remember that the more positive reviews you generate, the less power occasional negative reviews will have (20:43)