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Part 3: Online Reviews | How To Get More Online Reviews For Your Funeral Home

Funeral directors are typically uncomfortable asking families to leave an online review, which is understandable because of the delicate nature of the service provided. The problem is your funeral home is being judged every day based on the reviews others have left, and if you don't have very many, it's going to impact your calls negatively.

On this episode, we discuss answers to the following:
1. Which families you ask to leave a review
2. The best time to ask the family for a review
3. The best way to ask a family to write a review

Show Notes & Resources

  • Ellery and Welton discuss the importance of asking satisfied families for a review (2:45)
  • Which families should you start with when soliciting reviews? (4:40)
  • The key difference between being selective when soliciting reviews and literally "review gating" — the latter can result in severe penalties (8:26)
  • Ellery cautions about being overly selective when soliciting reviews, because you could end up leaving "money on the table" (11:10)
  • Getting over nervousness about asking for a review (14:22)
  • Viewpoints on the right time to ask for a review (15:16)
  • Discussion of the various ways of soliciting reviews: asking in person, phone, email, texting, snail mail, etc. (20:52)
  • The review platform you should put prioritize first when asking for reviews [hint: it's Google] (23:04)
  • An important reminder that people we'll see your reviews on search results pages even when they're not specifically looking for reviews (24:44)