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5 Videos Every Funeral Home Should Have on Their Website

If a funeral home wants to convert more website visitors to customers, adding the right videos to their website is the quickest way. Videos add a lot of value, create a better experience, and help the consumer make a confident choice.

Understandably, creating videos can seem expensive if hiring someone, or difficult if trying to create in-house, but neither is true. In this episode, you will learn how to quickly get the videos you need to stand out from the competition.

In this episode, we discuss:
1. The five videos you should have on your funeral home website
2. Tips on how to make great videos yourself
3. How to find professional videographers inexpensively.

Show Notes & Resources

  • Welton and Ellery discuss why video works well in general to attract people's attention and help them warm up to your firm (2:14)
  • Video type #1: Business profile, aka owner introduction (4:40)
  • #2: Walkthrough of your facilities (11:48)
  • #3: Highlighting your staff members (15:42)
  • #4: How-to video guide regarding funeral pricing (17:57)
  • #5: Testimonials from satisfied families (22:02)
  • Summary of reasons to include video: keep it simple, don't be intimidated, be empathetic, be authentic (26:16)
  • Even a newer smartphone is good enough to shoot video, as long as you light the subject pretty well (27:07)