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How Adding a Blog Can Create Authority and Trust with Google and Consumers

Think of a blog like the game of Jeopardy. On that game, the answer is given and the contestant must state the question to win. A blog is similar in that you're going to write articles that are the "answer" to a person's search query before they ask. When a user searches for something, Google matches that query to your content.

In short, if you don't have content that answers a searcher's question, Google will never send them to your site.

On this episode you will learn why a blog is an overlooked, and nearly free, tool to help position you as the industry leader and give Google a reason to send traffic to your site. Also learn:

1. What types of articles you should write
2. How to get someone to write the articles for you
3. Tips on how to succeed with a blog.

Show Notes & Resources

  • How your funeral business benefits from being seen as an authority by both Google and consumers (1:30)
  • Think of Google not as a "search" engine but as an "answer" engine: Google ranks you much higher if you're providing answers to the questions your audience is asking (4:11)
  • Create articles with titles that match questions that people are likely to be pondering (5:20)
  • How to figure out what questions your target demographic is wondering about (7:50)
  • How long should each piece of content be? (12:02)
  • Repurposing your blog content as posts for social media to build authority and drive traffic to your website (12:55)
  • A blog is like a crop: You have to keep putting time into it for a while and stick with it until it bears fruit (13:35)
  • A quick tip for finding reasonably priced freelance writers to produce content for your blog (14:28)