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How to Use Zoom for Funeral Arrangements and Streaming

With a ban on gatherings due to the Coronavirus, funeral homes need a way to make arrangements over video and stream funeral services online. On this episode, Ellery and Welton discuss how Zoom works and why they think it's a good solution.

Show Notes & Resources

1) How to create a zoom account

2) How to schedule a zoom meeting

3) How to start a zoom meeting

4) How to end a Zoom session and upload the file onto Youtube

  • Ellery and Welton briefly address the unprecedented challenge facing funeral homes due to COVID-19 (1:40)
  • Brief discussion of various options to provide service remotely and communicate through videoconferencing (2:37)
  • The general benefits of using Zoom (5:05)
  • How Zoom can be used for livestreaming services, conducting virtual arrangements, and conducting preneed seminars (7:16)
  • Why streaming tools will still be essential for funeral homes after the COVID crisis has ended (14:13)
  • Preview of the next episode: website pop-up message that your business remains open (16:20)