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How to Protect Your Funeral Home Domain Name

One of the most important assets a funeral home owns is their domain name, and if not protected properly, it can unknowingly be at risk. A few common problems we see are the funeral homes not actually owning their domain names, or domain names expire and are lost because they weren't renewed on time. Another problem we see is when a funeral home wants to change website providers, they face roadblocks as they try to transfer the domain name to the new company.

These problems can quickly turn into nightmares for your funeral home or cemetery. The good news is that these issues are preventable. On this episode, learn how:

1. Find out who owns your domain name
2. Learn how to make sure you have control over your domain name
3. Learn how to protect domain name from scammers

Show Notes & Resources

  • Why you must ensure your domain name is secured and properly functioning (1:58)
  • Without domain name control, you can lose website and email access in an instant (4:20)
  • Some funeral homes don’t realize they don’t own their domain name until it’s too late (7:32)
  • Ellery explains how to check your domain owner by visiting the WhoIs domain registry (9:15)
  • How to transfer or claim ownership of your domain name (16:05)
  • Ways to protect your domain name (21:02)
  • How scammers try to secure access to your domain name or charge you large sums to renew (24:15)
  • The difference between your domain name and web hosting company (25:31)
  • Why it can be helpful [and profitable] to purchase every variant of your domain (26:58)
  • How to improve or shorten your domain name (30:13)