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How To Make Your Funeral Home More Valuable If You Decide to Sell It

If you're a funeral home owner, at some point, you're going to exit the business, and hopefully, that is through a successful acquisition. Whether an interested party has approached you or you've put it on the market, the offer(s) you receive, and eventual selling price, can be significantly impacted by a few key metrics that you may not even realize.

On this episode, we talk with Jake Johnson about what acquirers look at when purchasing a funeral home or cemetery and why this should matter to owners, even if they have no plans to sell.

We dive deep into the following:

1. What makes a funeral home or cemetery attractive to an acquirer?
2. What key metrics have the most significant impact on valuation?
3. What an owner can start doing today to prepare for an eventual sale

Show Notes & Resources

  • Ellery introduces special guest Jake Johnson of Johnson Consulting (0:41)
  • Why there's often a disconnect between the seller and buyer regarding the business's value (6:40)
  • Ellery asks what acquirers look for in purchasing a funeral home (9:22)
  • Welton asks if online reputation and branding matter in a business's valuation (11:31)
  • What risks affect a funeral home's valuation? (13:57)
  • Ellery asks what due diligence looks like (24:39)
  • What are some things owners can do today to best set up their business for a sale in the future? (32:14)
  • Why your average sale is a bigger deal than you may think it is (33:42)
  • What do the inside of a car and your funeral home financials have in common? (37:38)