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How to Let Families Know Your Funeral Home is Open During the COVID-19 Crisis

Funeral homes shouldn't assume families know they are open during this pandemic. Many families may be wondering if you're open, is it safe to come in, how can funeral takes place now, etc. On this episode, learn easy ways to show families you are open and ready to serve them, despite what's going on with the virus.

Show Notes & Resources

  • Ellery and Welton discuss need for funeral homes to create special messaging to show they're open (1:23)
  • Three questions a family will have when arriving at a funeral home's website and/or social media pages (2:31)
  • How to proactively communicate your COVID-19 availability on Facebook, email, and Google Posts (3:39)
  • Adding a pop-up to your website immediately addresses families' concerns regarding the virus (7:30)
  • Creating a special video about the crisis builds trust—and why to speak naturally, without a script (10:36)
  • Consider adding a page to your website specifically about COVID-19 (11:49)
  • Why you should not attempt to run a COVID ad on social media platforms (13:19)