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Why Having E-Commerce on Your Funeral Home Website is Critical for the Future

Every funeral home website should include the ability to plan and pay for services online. On this episode we go into detail about three things.

1. Why we think it's critical for funeral homes to make that available.
2. What some concerns are from the funeral home.
3. Best practices using empathy as the designer of the experience.

Show Notes & Resources

  • The hosts and guest Tyler Yamasaki (Parting Pro) define what e-commerce is for funeral homes (1:35)
  • Reasons why funeral homes should incorporate e-commerce (3:59)
  • Concerns funeral homes might have regarding e-commerce (e.g., overtly displaying pricing) (8:23)
  • Ellery relates funeral home website traffic to a yard sale from last summer (18:28)
  • Wide-ranging discussion of e-commerce construction, including how to use "bricks of empathy" and Tyler's "Mom test" (20:18)