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Part 2: Posting Funeral Prices Online | The RIGHT Way To Do It

If you're going to post your funeral prices online, there is a right way and a not-so-right way of doing it. On this episode, we talk about the four ways to show prices online.

1. Posting your GPL
2. Showing price ranges
3. Package prices
4. Using a quote builder or cost estimator.

If done properly, posting your prices can be an effective way to differentiate you from your competitor, demonstrate value, and give families something to compare other than price. With today's consumer, funeral homes must get this part right or risk losing families to competitors that do a better job of communicating the value they provide.

Show Notes & Resources

  • Ellery and Welton recap the first part of Posting Funeral Prices Online from last week (1:39)
  • Option 1: Display your GPL (5:30)
  • Option 2: Display price ranges (8:53)
  • Option 3: Display packages (15:42)
  • Option 4: Use a quote builder/cost estimator (27:13)
  • Summary of takeaways from the discussion (31:31)