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Why a Well-Designed FAQ Section on Your Funeral Home Website Is Like a Free Salesperson

If a potential family in your market was faced with an at-need situation or was considering preplanning, what questions would they have? Does your funeral home website specifically answer those questions? The hard truth is they're probably not going to call you for the answer. They will look elsewhere and may end up on a competitor's website. In any business, confidence is needed for consumers to take the next step and on this episode you will learn how adding a well-designed FAQ section to your website can do more to convert customers than any other page.

Top three things an FAQ section can do for you.

1. Give consumers confidence to do business with you
2. Save time by answering questions ahead of time
3. Improve your search ranking by having more FAQs

Show Notes & Resources

  • Ellery and Welton discuss how a comprehensive FAQ educates consumers and removes any reservations they might have (3:31)
  • FAQ benefit 1: Saves the website visitor's time (5:41)
  • FAQ benefit 2: Drive more people to your website (8:59)
  • FAQ benefit 3: Having an FAQ builds trust with the visitor and conveys your authority and credibility (13:57)
  • How to decide which questions to include on your FAQ (15:32)
  • Various tips on best practices for writing your FAQ (23:00)
  • How an honest and transparent FAQ (28:42) prompts prospective clients who might otherwise be cynical about funeral service to "lower their guard"
  • Why one great variation is to provide an option for visitors to ask a question that isn't already covered in the FAQ (30:52)